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decora moth
digital animation, after effects and clip studio paint, 2022

decora moth is a short, 20-second animation created in after effects. the character, artemis scarberry from my game cryptid coffeehouse, was drawn in clip studio paint. this animation was created for an intermedia 2d animation class taken in summer 2022, with the objective being practicing using the parenting tools in after effects.

this animation was directly inspired by a sketch i had done one morning and wanted to keep working on. i wanted to create something bright and saturated, very much inspired by the japanese decora aesthetic. the animation is filled with colors and accessories, rainbows and bouncy text. 

a look at the animated text

decora moth.png
decora moth 222 full.png

the original sketch and the sketch lined and filled with flat color. i ended up using the second file to animate, splitting nearly every layer into pieces to animate it

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