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digital animation, firealpaca & after effects, 2021

friday is a digital collage animation done in firealpaca and after effects, created for an introduction to frame animation studio in spring 2021. it's consisted of several different elements– some drawn, some text, and some found imagery, combined seamlessly in a single project.

the animation is inspired by the imagery depicted in rebecca black's music video for friday (remix) and is intended to serve as something of an advertisement for the song.

the image to the right is the base of the animation, drawn digitally in firealpaca. the character depicted is rebecca black herself, wearing the outfit she had worn in the friday (remix) music video. after creating this image, the collage process began.

i found images online similar to the ones in the music video, those being the city background, the moon, and the star overlay. after collecting these images and putting them into after effects, i put several effects on the entirety of the project: chroma distortion, blur, wave warping, hue shifts, as well as a subtle shake on the text, the character, and the moon.

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