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digital animation, firealpaca, 2021

movinglikeazombie is a digital animation drawn in firealpaca and put together in premiere pro. it was created for an introduction to frame animation class in spring 2021. the main objective of the animation is creating free-flowing abstraction to music.


the song in this animation is movinglikeazombie by ericdoa. all of the abstraction is set to the beat of the song clip, and the imagery is meant to compliment the song and its progressions. each individual frame was drawn in firealpaca, then moved to premiere pro for compilation. there, i adjusted hues and made sure timings for each frame were exactly right so that things were perfectly on beat. 


this animation allowed me to flow with the beat of the song and not worry about solid figures, lines, or characters. it was easy to lose myself in the rhythm of the animation, which was quite nice. while not being an abstraction artist or animator, i did enjoy the simplicity that comes with the almost mindless mark-making of abstraction.

Screen Shot 2021-04-12 at 11.14.12

an in-progress shot of the file compilation and arrangement of the animation in premiere pro

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