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never wanted to dance
digital animation, firealpaca, 2020

never wanted to dance is a digital animation drawn in firealpaca. it's a rotoscope of kaminari denki, a character from the anime my hero academia. the original video was of myself, but has since been deleted. the audio used in the video is never wanted to dance by mindless self indulgence.


this animation was created in june 2020 for this character's birthday. it was the first animation i had attempted since my early high school years, and i crammed it out in a stunning 26 hours. what i find most interesting about it was that i had no idea that it would be considered a rotoscope until almost an entire year later. i had been using the video i had taken of myself to reference the foreshortening of the figure, and only once i had taken a frame animation studio where we had to create a rotoscope would i discover that this animation was actually a rotoscope!


a series of stills from the animation

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